Belgium layover

There are many reasons to dislike American Airlines. Being dumped in Brussels, Belgium is not one of them.

I was part of a team last year that went to Uganda. American ran behind schedule from the time we left Nashville, enough that we missed our connection in Belgium. As a result we had an all-expense paid inconvenience in a pretty cool place. Since it was an overnight flight we arrived in the morning so my strategy is to always stay up until it is time to go to bed local time. So, several of us dropped our luggage and headed into the city center. Below are some images from that trip. I recommend Belgian waffles covered with Belgian chocolate. They are all they are cracked up to be.

(One caveat to these images….I took them while walking around by myself. It is still in question as to whether I got separated from the other four people I was with or if I was ditched by my four “friends.” I’m not pointing any fingers, but…)

Old Square


Belgian Waffle with Belgian ChocolateChocolate treeCathedral

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