Flickr is traveling with me too

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I’d almflickr-logoost forgotten that a couple of years ago I opened a Flickr photo account, not coincidentally titled Travels With Me. (Actually the Flickr account was the first of the Travels With Me social media sites). I was going through some old emails today and came across the account information so I spent some time cleaning it up and making it a bit more presentable by grouping pictures into sets to make them more organized.

It is interesting for me to look through the images I’ve posted and the ton I could still put up from places I’ve been. I can honestly say I would never have guessed 25 years ago I’d travel anywhere. Heck I didn’t have any plans 25 years for much of anything. God has certainly blessed. Hopefully I’ll have many more travels ahead. Feel free to come along.

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  1. Carolina

    Hey, 25 years ago you were just glad to be able to graduate from high school. Wonder what your senior English teacher would say now.

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