Day Tripper

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CORRECTION: I was totally busted on my song selection. Tried to remember words from memory. Ben in the comments busted me. The song is Day Tripper. Video here.

The term “Day Tripper” may have been most popularized in the Beetles song, Baby you can drive my car. It is a common expression here and often defines a person who makes a day trip into London. I had a friend in town today who has been through London on many occasions but never to London so I gave him what I’ve come to call the walking tour.

Basically it is the train to London’s Victoria Station, walk the six blocks to Buckingham Palace, through Green Park to Piccadilly then several blocks to Piccadilly Circus, to the Texas Embassy for lunch (which is actually in the building that was the headquarters for the shipping line that owned the Titanic), to Trafalgar Square, down the hill on Whitehall (which is where 10 Downing Street is, to Big Ben and Parliment with a view across the River Thames to the London Eye, around the corner to Westminster Abbey, then a double-decker bus back to Victoria and the train home. Here’s some shots from the day.

Buckingham Palace
View of Big Ben down Whitehall from Trafalgar Square
Where the PM hangs out.
The London Eye from Westminster Bridge
Parliment silhouette
Big Ben
Westminster Abbey

5 Responses

  1. Ben Bryan

    by “the Beetles song, Baby You Can Drive My Car” I believe you mean “The Beatles song, Day Tripper

    Such musical blasphemy aside, those are some nice shots, particularly the one of Parliament.

  2. Chris

    Good catch Ben. Shoulda known better than to trust my memory. If you hadn’t called me out have a feeling Jay S. would have.

  3. Rick Collier


    I’ve really enjoyed reading your posts…very informative and entertaining! We’ll be ready for our tour come October 2012!

    Love you guys,

    The Colliers

  4. Chris

    Rick, count on the tour. I really don’t get tired of it. It is surreal to me every time I walk it. Every site on the tour is stuff I’ve seen in pictures all my life and to stand in front of them all is amazing.

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