A snowy ramble

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I’ve written before about rambling and posted some picture from a family ramble in the fall. This past week we’ve gotten quite a dusting of snow across our area of the UK. We dressed in our wellies and plodded up … Continued


What is the point of Christmas? Honestly it is a question every Christian should ask themselves during this time of the year with the hope that if they profess Christ they’ll get the answer right. I want to write more … Continued

A bit of British golf

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One year ago Friday (Nov. 6) I received a phone call asking if we’d be “interested in throwing some things in a crate” and move overseas. Total shock would be the best way to describe my response. I pushed away … Continued

A day in Guildford

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The UK is old. Period. Since we’ve been here we’ve eaten at a pub 600 years old, live in a house surrounded by 300 year-old houses and yesterday went to a city founded 1,600 years ago when the Saxons ran … Continued