A snowy ramble

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I’ve written before about rambling and posted some picture from a family ramble in the fall. This past week we’ve gotten quite a dusting of snow across our area of the UK. We dressed in our wellies and plodded up … Continued

God created global warming

Scan the world’s headlines this week and you’ll find news coming from the International Conference on Climate Change discussing melting ice caps, decaying ozones and rising global temperatures that will evaporate water and leave billions of people starving by 2025. … Continued


What is the point of Christmas? Honestly it is a question every Christian should ask themselves during this time of the year with the hope that if they profess Christ they’ll get the answer right. I want to write more … Continued

Flickr is traveling with me too

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I’d almost forgotten that a couple of years ago I opened a Flickr photo account, not coincidentally titled Travels With Me. (Actually the Flickr account was the first of the Travels With Me social media sites). I was going through … Continued