What If.

What if.

What if Christians spent more time seeking first the Kingdom of God rather than waging war over the fleeting political kingdoms of broken men? 

What if believers submitted to the Lordship of Christ over every area of their lives rather than positioning Jesus as the inspirational leader of a political movement?

What if Christ followers proclaimed the Good News of the Gospel rather than shouting down everyone with whom they disagree? 

What if people called to prayer spent more time praying for their enemies rather than deriding them on social media? 

What if stewards of Truth spoke truth that unifies rather than proliferating lies and innuendos that divide? 

What if God’s people pursued holiness and good works that displayed God’s glory rather than legislating everyone else’s morality? 

What if God’s people who are called by His name humbled themselves and turned from their wicked ways rather than blaming broken people for a godless culture? 

What if Christians regarded others more highly than themselves rather than jockeying for positions of power and control within churches and denominations? 

What if disciples of Christ loved their neighbors as themselves rather than fighting battles over Critical Race Theory? 

What if those who experienced God’s Grace extended that grace to the “alien among us” rather than debating over them like cattle at a stock auction?

What if those who proclaim the Great Commission had a heart for the nations rather than seeing the nations as enemies? 

What if all the what ifs were a reality rather than a dream?

What if.

By Chris Turner 

2 Responses

  1. Carol Sanchez

    Wow!! What if more Christians were humble enough to take your words to heart, Mr. Turner?! Now, THAT is a healthy perspective on the truth of the matter in this nation gone amuk I can take to the bank, when weighing out the pros and cons between 2 broken political parties!

    Thank you, Chris! I hope you will accept my Facebook Friend request. I want to see more words of wisdom like these posted on my timeline!

    Much Respect, sir,
    Carol Sanchez

  2. Chris Turner

    Wow Carol, thanks for the kind words. I really appreciate you stopping by and sorry it took so long to respond. I must have missed your FB friend request but will go back and look for it. Keep making beautiful music.

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