Hello, I’m Chris, and I’m a destination guy.

You know, the kind of guy who makes everybody go to the bathroom twice before getting in the car to drive eight hours to the beach. No stopping unless you can provide sufficient evidence that you are slipping into “imminent emergency.” Even then, I’m pretty sure you can hold it just a little longer. No pain, no gain, right? The objective, you see, is to be someplace, not journey.

Or so I thought. It pains me to say it, but I’m learning life is actually about the journey. How you travel is as important as arriving. In fact, you can’t arrive unless you’ve journeyed. So this blog is about the journey – my journey – through life and places.

Along the way I’ll offer a perspective of faith, culture, life, places, sports and whatever else pops up. You’re welcome to journey along with me, and if you’re a destination person, maybe we can form a support group.