A snowy ramble

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I’ve written before about rambling and posted some picture from a family ramble in the fall. This past week we’ve gotten quite a dusting of snow across our area of the UK. We dressed in our wellies and plodded up the hill. Here are some images from Saturday’s ramble through the area back of our house. Many are taken in the same location as the family ramble I previously posted.




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  1. Cléve

    Hey, I know those are plastic cutout sheep. We have a picture from back in the fall of the same sheep in the same place!

  2. Wahokia

    Hmmm … those sheep do look familiar. You didn’t photograph pictures from an old calendar again, did you?

  3. Chris

    It is the same sheep! They just move from one of three fields to another. Fortunately they aren’t bright enough to know they keep posing for a shot so they think its the first time every time.

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