Sunday Ramble

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I returned Saturday night from the States to wake to a beautiful day – a rambling kind of day – Sunday morning. After sleeping off jet lag…sort of….the three of us set out for a walk through the “Chalk Hills” … Continued

Visit to All Souls

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My cynicism kicked in as I settled into my seat in the balcony of All Souls Church, London. Before arriving in the UK many people told us how post-Christian Europe and Great Britain are so I really didn’t expect to … Continued

Rambling Man

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Several months ago I roomed with a Brit during a conference. It was then I received my first language lessons in English. “When you go hiking it isn’t called hiking, it is called rambling,” he said. “You go out for … Continued

House dictation

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Stewart stepped from his convertible Volvo smartly dressed in khaki pants, brown loafers and a blue Lloyd’s sweater, portfolio in one hand and digital voice recorder in the other. He was hired by the house owner to give our soon … Continued